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Lockdown Blessed Us With Fresh and Breathable Air.

Wheels on brakes, industries stopped and peoples facing starvation and global pandemic crisis. This is the worst scenario ever seen.
Lockdown brings a very negative impact on society. As industries and transport are stopped, peoples are more likely helpless. Migration to native place is also not possible. Peoples stuck at the place where they were. Economic capital Mumbai facing the same issues. 
        In India peoples migrated towards major cities for jobs, due to sudden lockdown, peoples stuck in that capital cities. Zero income source and brake on transportation leads to hunger and starvation. This is one side of a coin. Lockdown brings some positive impact too.
     As a Janta curfew is announced on March 22, 2020, and sudden lockdown since March 24, 2020 there is a drastic change in air quality observed by Pollution Control Bureau. During this period 91 cities are observed to come under Good and Satisfactory Category. Out of which 31 cities are announced to be a good Air Quality Index (AQI).
     In India during this period, research organizations observed that there is no poor AQI City found in India. The main sources of pollution are Particulate matter PM 2.5 and PM 10. During this period, PM 2.5 and PM 10 reduced by 35% to 40% in Delhi. In the previous several years Delhi is observed among the 20 most pollutant cities in the world. The main sources of pollution in Delhi are PM 2.5 and PM 10. 
      During last winter Delhi is noted to crossed the pollution safe limit by 20 times the limit set by the World Health Organization (WHO). Less than six months before, Delhi was begging for breath. 

Delhi pollution during winter.

Million plus population cities, with the highest population density also experiencing the fresh air with improved AQI. The main reason behind this improvement is a reduction in emissions from vehicles and industrial sector. During lockdown vehicles and industries are totally shut down in 85 cities. Kanpur and many other cities noted with a high AQI value.
        Over millions of Indians die every year because of air pollution-related diseases. The main sources of PM 2.5 are combustion, fires, and automobiles. PM2.5 causes respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. During lockdown PM 2.5 plummeted to 25 micrograms per cubic meter and in 20 days it falls down to 35 micrograms per cubic meter.

Urban Indians staring at clean and blue skies and blessed with fresh and clean air for breathing. Researchers are curious about tracking down the air quality during the lockdown period. Federal pollution control authorities quickly reported a marked improvement in air quality levels in 85 cities.
     PM 10 is another main pollutant. The sources of PM10 are construction dust, nitrogen dioxide, and vehicle emission. The level of construction dust, nitrogen dioxide, and vehicle emission are reduced to a remarkable level because of industrial shut down.
       Mr. Sunil Dahiya of The Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air said that "the current crisis has shown us that clear skies and breathable air can be achieved very fast if concrete action is taken to reduce the burning of  fossil fuel." 
If we make a proper action plan to reduce pollution and implement it in all major cities of the country, then its possible to control the pollution within the safe limits set by WHO. For that we have to compromise with many things and follow the thing that we are following in the lockdown period. For a reduction in emission from vehicles, we have to reduce the use of private vehicles or else using private vehicles in most necessary situations. 
       Work from home is another way of reducing the use of transport and burning fossil fuels. With the increase in pollution the atmospheric temperature goes on increasing, which results in Global Warming which is another serious issue. Many of the countries started implementing the ways of reducing pollution, China is one of them. China considerably reduced pollution in the previous 4 years, this is an example for us.
          From this we can conclude that, it is possible to reduce the pollution and control it up to a safe level set by WHO. It is possible only when, if we are successful in control and implement the proper norms.


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