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DRDO's UV-C Sanitisation Box for Sanitising Mobile, Laptops, Currency and Personal Belongings.

     During this time of the epidemic, it is very important to disinfect your personal belongings to protect yourself from infection.  You must clean your exterior properly when coming from the outside or from a public place. We can clean our hands using a sanitizer in the old fashioned way but the big question is how to disinfect your personal belongings.

UV-C based sanitization box
You cannot clean your personal belongings with an alcohol-based chemical sanitizer, as it may harm your devices and personal belongings.

                As a solution to this problem, DRDO has created a UV based sanitization box Defence Institute of Physiology & Allied Sciences (DIPAS) and Institute of Nuclear Medicine & Allied Sciences (INMAS), DRDO laboratories in Delhi has contributed to making this device. This device works on UV-C technology., Having 254 nanometers wavelength with short and more powerful UV light. UV-C technology consists of a shorter and more energetic wavelength of UV light. Shorter and more energetic wavelength helps to destroy genetic materials in COVID-19.

                  UV-C radiations affects the structure RNA which resists viral particles to make more copies of themselves. This method of sanitization is also environmentally friendly. DRDO claimed that we can sanitize our personal belongings like mobile phones, tablets, purse, currency, a cover of the office files effectively. UV-C lamps with a capacity of 100 MJ/cm^2is placed equidistantly in this box can help to deactivate the COVID-19 virus in 1 minute.


This box also uses 185 nm wavelength UV-C radiations which is helpful to take care of unexposed areas of the objects placed inside. The handheld UV-C device with 6 watt UV lamp files, postal deliveries and food pockets with 45 seconds of exposure at a 100 mj /cm^2.

        This device can help us to reduce transmission of coronavirus in office and public places. The sanitization of personal belongings with this method controls the transmission of viruses from one individual to another. Epidemic viruses are dangerous as they can spread in large amounts with a short period. The chances of transmission are more in public places. We often touch our personal belongings like mobile phones, laptops, tablets, purse, and currency notes, which leads to the transmission of viruses. Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) provided us with such a great solution to this problem.


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