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Nikola Tesla : The Revolutionary Face of Electric Era.

Nikola Tesla is known for his uncommon intellectuality. His scientific discovery introduced a new face of science to the world, hence he is known among the world-renowned inventors. He brought about a new revolution in electricity and did everything he could in the revolution of electricity. He was a Serbian American, inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, scientist and futurist known for a contribution towards electricity. He invented the system that runs on alternating current with higher efficiency.Prior LifeTesla was born on 10 July 1856, in a small town called Smiljan in Croatia. His father was priests and his mother was housemaker women, she was illiterate but very talented women. Tesla gives credit for his inventiveness to his mother. He was having an elder brother, who was a very intelligent guy who died at the age of 12. That time Tesla was 5 years old. Tesla's parents expecting a lot from him like his elder brother did, which creates tremendous pressure on T…

GPS Like Systems for Flexible Medical Robots.

Today's world is known as the world of technology.  In this modern age, all areas have changed a lot with the help of technology, technology has given a new way of life to human beings, and technology has made human life much easier ... Engineers are constantly contributing to different fields to make human life easier and happier.  The field is one of the most important fields in this field  Isomorphous have been changed.  These radical changes have been made possible by technology, various sophisticated equipment and technology have made a lot possible.             There is a growing need for state-of-the-art equipment for operations in the medical field. Engineers have developed a new technology to solve such a problem. This technology works like GPS.  The technology was invented by Tania Morimoto, a professor of mechanical engineering at the Jacob School of Engineering in UC San Diego and Ph. D student Connor Watson from the Mechanical Engineering Department.                Mori…

India's Stunning Global Impact as a PPE Kit Producer.

DRDO's UV-C Sanitisation Box for Sanitising Mobile, Laptops, Currency and Personal Belongings.

During this time of the epidemic, it is very important to disinfect your personal belongings to protect yourself from infection.  You must clean your exterior properly when coming from the outside or from a public place. We can clean our hands using a sanitizer in the old fashioned way but the big question is how to disinfect your personal belongings.
You cannot clean your personal belongings with an alcohol-based chemical sanitizer, as it may harm your devices and personal belongings.                 As a solution to this problem, DRDO has created a UV based sanitization box Defence Institute of Physiology & Allied Sciences (DIPAS) and Institute of Nuclear Medicine & Allied Sciences (INMAS), DRDO laboratories in Delhi has contributed to making this device. This device works on UV-C technology., Having 254 nanometers wavelength with short and more powerful UV light.UV-C technology consists of a shorter and more energetic wavelength of UV light. Shorter and more energetic wavelen…

China Has Developed a COVID-19 Vaccine and Claimed a Successful Trial on Indian Monkey.

Coronavirus has invaded the world. The whole world is facing a global pandemic crisis. Scientists and doctors have been desperately searching for a vaccine to diagnose this disease for a long time but they have not been successful so far. But now scientists have succeeded in that. China has claimed a successful test of the COVID-19 vaccine. China has been testing various vaccines since mid-April. But the test results of those vaccines were not satisfactory. But now China claiming a successful vaccine trial on Indian monkey.                Sinovac Biotech is a Beijing based medical organization developed the COVID-19 vaccine, which is named as Purified Inactivated COVID-19 Vaccine (PiCoVacc). It is an inactivated type of a vaccine injected in 8 Rhesus Macaques, which is an Indian originating monkey. During trial after successful injection of the vaccine, these monkeys after 3 weeks exposed to SARS - CoV 2 that results in COVID-19.               After one week of expositions…

Solar Energy : A Source of Tremendous Natural Energy.

Nature blessed us with many of the natural resources, which are available in abundant proportions. These sources can be used as energy resources by collecting energy from them and store it for your future requirements. Out of which we can take huge advantage of renewable energy sources. 

        Solar energy is one of the most important types of renewable energy sources. We can obtain tremendous amount of energy from sun. This energy can be utilized to use for different applications. There are different technologies that can be used to harness the energy that comes from the sun in the form of radiation and heat. Solar energy is the most generous source of energy in the form of radiation and heat from the sun. This energy in the form of radiation and heat can be used or harnessed for various applications.  The direct harnessing of solar energy is not possible, it requires some device through which we can harness it for various useful applications. Various technologies are developed for h…

Lockdown Cut Down the Electricity Consumption.

Today India completing a 1.5 month of government-mandated lockdown. Since then all the sectors have been shut down,  except essential services. On the other hand essential services facing tremendous load.         India consists of big cities like Mumbai, Delhi,  Kolkata and Pune, and so on. Most of the areas of these cities are occupied by industries and trade organizations. These cities play a major role in strengthening the economy of the nation. Sources of income for these cities comes from revenue generated from manufacturing, trade, and commerce, India announced to shut down from March 24, 2020, from then all the non-essential industries and organizations has been shut down. 

India produced approximately 97, 699 Gwh of electricity in the month of March 2020. After 2 weeks of lockdown electricity generation is reduced by 19%. Power generation by Coal is reduced by 26%. According to the CREA report,  in the month of March 2020 the power consumption is reduced by 22% in India's  Eco…

Lockdown Blessed Us With Fresh and Breathable Air.

Wheels on brakes, industries stopped and peoples facing starvation and global pandemic crisis. This is the worst scenario ever seen. Lockdown brings a very negative impact on society. As industries and transport are stopped, peoples are more likely helpless. Migration to native place is also not possible. Peoples stuck at the place where they were. Economic capital Mumbai facing the same issues.          In India peoples migrated towards major cities for jobs, due to sudden lockdown, peoples stuck in that capital cities. Zero income source and brake on transportation leads to hunger and starvation. This is one side of a coin. Lockdown brings some positive impact too.      As a Janta curfew is announced on March 22, 2020, and sudden lockdown since March 24, 2020 there is a drastic change in air quality observed by Pollution Control Bureau. During this period 91 cities are observed to come under Good and Satisfactory Category. Out of which 31 cities are announced to be a good Air Qualit…

The Nanotechnology

Introduction:        The word nano is derived from Latin word nanus means dwarf and GreekNanos which is referred to as a very small or smallest. The term Nanotechnology is a combination of word nano and technology. Nano means the smallest and Technology means method, systems, and devices which are the result of scientific knowledge being used for practical purposes. Nanotechnology or nanoscience involves the ability to see and to control individual atoms and molecules something as small an atom is impossible to see with the naked eyes. The microscope for its study is invented about 30 years ago.
One nanometer is one-billionth of a meter  1 nm = 10^-9 of a meter.
There are 25,400,000 in an inch 1 inch = 25 million and  400 thousand nm
 A sheet of newspaper is about 100,000 nanometer.
          On a comparative scale, if a marble were a nanometer, then one meter would be the size of the earth. Nanotechnology is widely used in technical research and inventions. This field of science can be …

Award Winning Invention By Student to Fight Against Global Pandemic Crisis.

The global health sector is going through a serious crisis. Several issues coming across health care facilities. Staff shortages and overwhelming patients load are the next to health care facilities
          According to health professionals and experts COVID-19 spreads through the air, respiratory droplets, and surface contact. As a result of this, doctors and healthcare workers are facing the danger of infection from infected patients. On this serious point, scientists and inventors working on advanced technological inventions that bring radical changes in healthcare sectors.

    As we can see various doctors and health workers are infected by corona. This becomes difficult for doctors and health workers to treat patients without getting infected by this deadly virus. To deal with such situations,  it becomes very much important to take the help of technology and innovations. Technological sector doing a great job to deal with this problem.             Here are some award-winning…

Technological Invention to fight against Global Pandemic Crisis (COVID-19)

Need is the mother of Invention.The quote is right enough, every invention in the world derives from the necessity behind it. Scientists always focusing on human needs and requirements to make there lives easy. In all areas of development and research, scientists finding new and modern techniques and inventions to fulfill the necessities.           Nowadays a Global Healthcare Sector is facing difficulties due to outbreaks of the Global Pandemic Crisis. On that serious note young researchers and inventors started to give their bit of contribution in the form of Technological Inventions.

The Jamaican student Rayvon Stewart is one of the ideal examples of the Young Inventor. He recently invented the device named as XERMOSOL.
      AEROSOL is a device that uses the source of  Ultraviolet Rays (UV Rays) to kill bacteria on the doorknob. As a result, it is useful on surfaces which are frequently come in contact with human beings. It helps to kill bacteria on the surfaces exposed to public pl…