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AI Based X-Ray For Diagnosis of COVID-19

          The world is facing the global crisis of pandemic. In this situation health care facilities facing problems like staff shortages and overwhelming patient loads. Intense increment in loads of patients tends to work on for compensation of lack, this leads to finding the methods which help the Fastrack diagnosis process.  Researchers from various fields working on developing the methods and devices which help to Fastrack and accurate the diagnosis process.
            Approval of the research depends on the accuracy of results and ease of use. Conventional diagnosis methods like Polymerising chain reaction (PCR) are having better results accuracy but the time required for the diagnosis of sample is more. So far in an emergency situation it is often difficult to check more samples in less time. Researchers got a solution to this problem in terms of new technology.
            AI (artificial intelligence) is a booming area of research in various fields.
The pandemic becomes the gateway for the adoption of AI in health care.
Rizwan Malik a lead radiologist at Royal  Bolton Hospital run by the UK's National Health Services (NHS) always having an interest in AI systems. He saw its potential to make his job easier.
             Malik took it upon himself to design a conservative clinical trial that would help showcase the technology's potential. He identified a promising AI-based chest X-Ray system called qXR from the Mumbai based company
 Mr. Malik appointed his trainee radiologist to handle various X-Ray samples. For his trainee it would offer a second opinion. If those opinions consistently matched with his own then he fixed that sequence of the system to double-check his trainee work for him.
             After a few months of reviews from multiple hospitals and NHS committees and forums, the proposal was finally approved.

Al-based X-Ray Image

              With shortages and delays in PCR tests, Chest X-Ray had become one of the fastest and most affordable diagnosis systems for COVID-19.

 Early researches had shown that in radiology images, the most severe COVID cases displayed distinct lung abnormalities associated with viral pneumonia.
 AI is Fastrack for doctors but it bypasses regulatory processes, putting patients in harm's way.
               From that, we get an idea that in future AI can be implemented in various fields of health care systems. In this global pandemic, crisis researchers started working on AI for its implementation in technical and no technical areas. AI helps us to reduce human effort and increase the accuracy of results as compared to the results obtained by conventional methods.
               As we know AI becoming an important part of technology development and it seems to be an intelligent way of doing work. AI-based X-Ray is an example of the implementation of advanced technology in health care. Like this lots of research and implementation of AI in healthcare are possible, in the future if we subject to a global crisis like this then its important to start taking preventive steps from now to avoid the critical situation. To avoid such a situation, its important to focus not only on technology but also on the lifestyle of human beings.


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