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What is an Engineering? History and Origin.

Introduction:  An Engineering is a word derived from the Latin word "Ingenium" that means cleverness and "Ingeniare" means to contrive or devise. The word engineering derived from a combination of two Latin words which contains a large context in short. It simply means that create or make things cleverly or wisely. On the other hand, it is the way of getting things done scientifically and procedurally.
Definition:        "The study and application of scientific principles in practice to design and build machines and structures are called an Engineering."
As we know for building machines and structures, we need to use various scientific principles from various branches of science like physics, mechanics, chemistry, and many more.
History:The first engineer was the builder of the pyramid known by name and achievements is Imhotep. Imhotep builds the Step Pyramid at Saggrrah Egypt, probably about 2550 BCE. His successor from Egypt, Persia, Greek, and Rome, ca…

AI Based X-Ray For Diagnosis of COVID-19

The world is facing the global crisis of pandemic. In this situation health care facilities facing problems like staff shortages and overwhelming patient loads. Intense increment in loads of patients tends to work on for compensation of lack, this leads to finding the methods which help the Fastrack diagnosis process.  Researchers from various fields working on developing the methods and devices which help to Fastrack and accurate the diagnosis process.             Approval of the research depends on the accuracy of results and ease of use. Conventional diagnosis methods like Polymerising chain reaction (PCR) are having better results accuracy but the time required for the diagnosis of sample is more. So far in an emergency situation it is often difficult to check more samples in less time. Researchers got a solution to this problem in terms of new technology.             AI (artificial intelligence) is a booming area of research in various fields. The pandemic becomes the gateway for t…

Contribution of Engineers to Fight Against COVID-19.

Now the day's world is facing an outbreak of a pandemic. The whole world is affected by the consequences caused by COVID-19. It badly affects public health and the economy of the nation, to survive in this critical situation we must have to stand together and fight against this deadly virus. To get out of this situation we have to follow some safety measures and for that public awareness is a must. As we are lucky enough that various sectors showing their active participation and giving helping hands to help us. The technical sector is one of the examples of a group of peoples who started doing various social welfare activities in terms of technology.
IIT Guwahati showing its keen participation to fight against COVID-19
Various departments from IIT Guwahati started researching in their respective fields and areas. Out of which Mechanical, Electrical, Bioscience and Bioengineering plays an important role in developing scientific equipment for diagnosis and safety. It is also in the pr…