The Most Advanced 6 Inventions Proves That ; Solar Energy is The Future of Energy.

In this modern age of technology, the consumption of electrical energy or all other sorts of energy goes on increasing, with an increase in demand of energy, human beings are constantly upgrading their lifestyle with the use of modern technological appliances for making their lives comfortable. Increase in usage of modern technology results in increased power consumption. From the early technological revolution, electricity has been generated with conventional methods, but now in the 21st century, engineers and researchers finding the innovative ways of generating electricity.

To fulfill the growing demand for power, human beings are concentrating on finding alternative sources of energy. Solar energy is one of the efficient alternative sources of energy. It is also known as the future of energy. Even available in enormous amounts, less than 2% of the world's energy is produced by solar energy. With ongoing research on solar energy, scientists have succeeded in finding the modern…

Most Advanced Inventions In The Robotics.

In the 1960s UNIMATE became the first digital and programmable robot to replace humans in an industry or factory. In 1961 it was installed at General Motors and it carried out assembly line tasks that were dangerous for humans like picking up hot metals. UNIMATE was basically a big mechanical are much less advanced than some of the technology we have today but even now robots are often built to perform the dangerous mundane or difficult tasks humans perform.
Unimate: The first industrial robot.
To do that a lot of these machines are developed to physically replicate our actions and behavior to have things like a Bipedal Balanced Walk. A large range of motion and the ability to perceive and interact with the environment. but maybe not to your surprise that is a lot more difficult to replicate than some viral robot videos might make you think and without these five groundbreaking inventions much of modern robotics would not be possible.

Machine VisionOne of humanity's most noteworthy …

Amazing Inventions Of Great Nikola Tesla.

Nikola Tesla was the genius scientist among all the well-known scientists, but he didn't have a favorable environment so he was little known. The reason behind is he was not a native of America and on that time Edison and Tesla had become the competitor to each other. In 1886 when he planned for his solitary venture, investors refused to invest in his idea of alternating current, after that he came in contact with a patent an attorney who helped him in his work and when Tesla was working with Mr. Edison, he came up with many patents on redesigning motors and generators

Polyphase AC Systems

Tesla's Polyphase AC Systems

In July 1888, George Westinghouse licensed Nikola Teslas US to the patent for polyphase systems. In the polyphase system, power transfer is constant during each electrical cycle. Polyphase system consists of three or more energized conductors with a phase angle of 120°for three-phase voltage. The Polyphase system consists of two or more voltages with the same magnit…

Nikola Tesla : The Revolutionary Face of Electric Era.

Nikola Tesla is known for his uncommon intellectuality. His scientific discovery introduced a new face of science to the world, hence he is known among the world-renowned inventors. He brought about a new revolution in electricity and did everything he could in the revolution of electricity. He was a mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, inventor, scientist, and a very futuristic person known for his contribution towards electricity. He invented the system that runs on alternating current with higher efficiency.
Prior LifeA small town Smiljan in Croatia was the birthplace of Nikola Tesla,  he was born on 10 July 1856 in that small town. Tesla's parents expecting a lot from him like his elder brother did, which creates tremendous pressure on Tesla. This helps him to be strong mentally.His schooling was completed from Karlovac, Croatia, and electrical engineering from Austrian Polytechnic in Graz. During this period he studied about uses and applications of an electric current. L…

GPS Like Systems for Flexible Medical Robots.

Today's world is known as the world of technology. In this modern age, all areas have changed a lot with the help of technology, technology has given a new way of life to human beings, and technology has made human life much easier. Engineers are constantly contributing to different fields to make human life easier and happier. The field is one of the most important fields in this field Isomorphous have been changed. These radical changes have been made possible by technology, various sophisticated equipment and technology have made a lot possible.

There is a growing need for state-of-the-art equipment for operations in the medical field. Engineers have developed a new technology to solve such a problem. This technology works like GPS. Tania Morimoto, a mechanical engineering professor, and Connor Watson is a Ph.D. student at the Jacob School of Engineering at UC San Diego developed this technology
Morimoto believes that continuum medical robots can work very w…

India's Stunning Global Impact as a PPE Kit Producer.

Amid this global crisis a few days ago, India is facing many challenges in the medical field. A load of patients is increasing and the tools required for their treatment are inadequate. As a result of insufficient global supply leads to a strange global impact, India failed to import the essentials in the required amount. Among all the essential medical supply, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is one of the most required medical tools, results in huge global demand. As its demand goes on increasing worldwide due to which its supply becomes shorter. India was also to fall victim to this global impact of supply shortages.

In February, India was also among the PPE kit importer Countries. Due to the global supply crisis, India manages to import 52000 PPE kits, this amount is very much less as compared to the required amount. To meet the growing demand for PPE kits, India decided to produce PPE kits and India succeeded in doing so. India to take the help of local manufacturers to m…

DRDO's UV-C Sanitisation Box for Sanitising Mobile, Laptops, Currency and Personal Belongings.

During this time of the epidemic, it is very important to disinfect your personal belongings to protect yourself from infection. You must clean your exterior properly when coming from the outside or from a public place. We can clean our hands using a sanitizer in the old fashioned way but the big question is how to disinfect your personal belongings.
You cannot clean your personal belongings with an alcohol-based chemical sanitizer, as it may harm your devices and personal belongings.
As a solution to this problem, DRDO has created a UV-C based sanitization box., for sanitization of personal belongings. This device works on UV-C technology., Having 254 nanometers wavelength with short and more powerful UV light. The shorter and more energetic wavelength of UV light is the specialty of UV-C technology. Shorter and more energetic wavelength helps to destroy genetic materials in COVID-19.
UV-C TechnologyUV-C radiations affects the structure RNA which resists viral particles to stop spreadi…

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