Nokia has abandoned Meltemi

You have probably never heard of Nokia’s linux based OS Meltemi. It was supposed to end up on cheaper Nokia feature phone. Now, without even going official, rumors are there that Nokia has dumped it too, like Meego.
Yesterday, Nokia chief executive officer Stephen Elop didn’t mentioned the name but did say that they have killed some on going development projects.
Nokia want to start all things afresh.Nokia is undergoing in huge restructuring process.They have already killed Meego and Symbian is on its way to die.Also, it’s cutting 10,000 jobs, shutting down its manufacturing plant in Canada and Finland.Deal for Vertu is also almost done.
Nokia has announced that they bringing new lost cost Windows Phone which will compete with lost cost Android phones.Nokia is placing all chips on Windows Phone, and there is no plan B.So,it seems even S40 is in last stage.
All the best to Nokia for its efforts.

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