ICS Theme for Spice Mi410 running android 2.3.5

Hi friends, This is my first theme for FB0. ****compatible with only deodexed 2.3.5 roms****** like andro-id rc3,zailer’s deodexed rom. ******Create nandroid backup before installation****** HOW TO INSTALL : 1 .Download the... Read more »

Nokia has abandoned Meltemi

You have probably never heard of Nokia’s linux based OS Meltemi. It was supposed to end up on cheaper Nokia feature phone. Now, without even going official, rumors are there that Nokia... Read more »
What Is An Ultrabook

What is an Ultrabook

Nowadays, there are several forms of computers are available in the market like Smartphone, Tablet PC, Notebook, Netbook, Hybrid, and Convertibles. All these Forms are the result of technology enhancements. What is... Read more »
How To Increase Laptop Battery Life

How To Increase Laptop Battery Life

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Chrync syncs your Chrome bookmarks to Windows Phone

According to StatCounter Chrome has overtook Internet Explorer and become the world’s most used browser. Now, one out of every three persons in the world, is using Chrome. According to our analytics... Read more »

How to force Zune Player for Windows Phone 7.5 Tango Update

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